excuse me, have you seen my gremlin? – ToomawasHIT of 2010

Eighties references? Check!
Big whoosh noise before chorus? Check!
Gremlins-inspired name? Er, what? How very dare you!

It was The Guardian that first reported about the possible Gremlin-reference in the band’s name. So far it has not been confirmed whether it was Gremlins, the 80s cult horror movie, that inspired the name. In the film, the cuddly creatures become frightened when exposed to too much light: “Bright light! Bright light!” was a phrase repeated by Gizmo.

Fortunately, there are no such problems with Thomas’s music as his brand of Day-Glo pop thrives in the glare of the spotlight. As with a lot of pop in recent years, Love Part II appears to have been beamed into 2010 from the 80s, all cascading synths, Casio beats and a move from verse to chorus that’s signposted by an exhilarating “whoosh” noise. It sounds like vintage Depeche Mode, but with Martin Gore singing instead of Dave Gahan.
So what is there NOT to love about it? I wouldn’t know because i am totally in LOVE , part II, with this song.

And this is what it sounds like:

ToomawasHIT of 2010 (Check the DokushAREA):
Bright Light Bright Light – Love Part II

And this is what it looks like (YouTube – link):

And this is what it looks like in the Pepptalk Mix (YouTube – link):

and this it how it sounds in the Louis La Roche Mix:

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg…. I’m in love again.

Merry X-Mas xxx


Geplaatst op 24/12/2010, in betsu ni (nothing), ongaku (muziek) en getagd als . Markeer de permalink als favoriet. 2 reacties.

  1. Hoping for lots of Bright Light in 2011.
    Tnx for the 2010 blogging & the dokushAREA goodies. Happy new year! x x x

  2. Happy 11! I A 🙂

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