body talk – part 3

For all the boys and girls that – just like me –  enjoyed Robyn’s concert at The Orangerie in Brussels last Wednesday, I am happy to report that a “pulsating full-power version” of Robyn’s orchestral Body Talk Pt. 2 track “Indestructible” will serve as the lead single off her forthcoming Body Talk Pt. 3 (due out November 29). This keeps in line with her previous single “Hang With Me,” which first appeared in acoustic form on the first volume of the Body Talk series.

And now, what’s even better, you can listen to it here:

ToomawasHIT of the day :
Robyn – Indestructible (Single Version)

Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 3 will be the third and final of her offerings this year. The album will reportedly contain five tracks from Pt. 1, five from Pt. 2 and five brand new songs. Consider me giddy at the thought of this Swede-poptastic stocking stuffer!


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  1. it ain’t indestructible, but just nice

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