lela lela lela – lela pala tute

O dear. Just when you thought Madonna finally recovered from her shanti/ashtangi/isla/bonita exotic languagues complex, she goes and opens up her box of gipsy vocabulary.

And so we conclude that “Latte” has nothing to do with Starbucks or café au lait, but is just the gipsy way of saying:
“I haven’t got a clue what this song is about but it sounds rather nice (although the first few seconds strongly resemble Womanizer).”
Or summink.

ToomawasHIT of Cette Nuit : Madonna – Latte

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The song as featured on this page is included for preview/promotional purposes only.
Artwork by Toomawashi. Check out the DokushAREA. Find more ToomawART for Madonna on the ToomawART page.


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