hit or miss – what’s mine is yours

So we love HURTS and we adore Kylie.
So we think Confide In Me is one of the best Kylie-songs ever.

So what do we think of this?

ToomawasHIT of the day : HURTS – Confide In Me

It’s bloody fucking fantastic, that’s what we think.

What do you think?

Support the artist = Buy the music. The song as featured on this page is included for preview/promotional purposes only.


Geplaatst op 25/08/2010, in ongaku (muziek) en getagd als , . Markeer de permalink als favoriet. 2 reacties.

  1. Having goosebumps all over!!! (I’m so excited).

  2. i thought you were a donkey and not a goose 🙂

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