this is – how shall we say this? – very courageux

Le Male Terrible, zo zal de nieuwe eau de toilette “pour hommes” (or whatever you like to call yourself) van Jean Paul Gaultier gaan heten. Het is een line extension van zijn Le-Male-gamma en deze keer belooft JPG ons een houterig varenakkoord of zoals dat heet in parfumtermen: a woody fougère.

Oh my God! Are we excited? Euhm… no.

Nu weten we allemaal dat de originele Le Male ruikt like a rat’s ass en dus moet ik zeggen dat ik de naamkeuze een moedige zet vind. Ik zou zelfs meer zeggen: very courageux. 

En ik ben niet alleen. Leest u even met mij mee op het internetforum-der-parfumverslaafden…
It goes a little summink like this:

Devilbunny: At least they admit it is terrible 

SiameseCat: I thought the original was quite terrible enough. It doesn’t help that those who like it don’t understand the concept of moderation. Ther feminine scents are a lot better. 

Male86: I’m sure the name is a play on “enfant terrible,” but I can’t help thinking that it was a Very Terrible Marketing Idea. 

Harry: I am so sad to see an other flanker for this fall, what happened to Jean Paul Gaultier ? No more inspiration ? Fleur du Male, Ma Dame, Classique X and now this terrible Le Male. What’s next ? La nuit du Male, Classiquissime, Ma Dame Monsieur Bonsoir….Boring, boring, boring, boring….Please stop and do something… even Hugo Boss is more creative. 

Robin: Gotta disagree on the Hugo Boss, LOL….

Tamara: I have a straight male friend who likes Le Male but won’t buy it because he doesn’t want that bottle on his dresser! 

And what do you think? (except for “Toomawashi:  go & screw yourself because we are soooo NOT bothered”)


Geplaatst op 28/07/2010, in haikara (mode & stijl). Markeer de permalink als favoriet. 5 reacties.

  1. Le who dear ? 🙂

  2. I gues Tamara is lucky ! a straight male friend ! too bad he likes “Le Male”

  3. I guess (yes, we improve continuously)… I won’t be using the family budget for that Terrible Le Male, which is without any doubt more expensive then NZ$55,99

  4. i guess the only money well spent on Le Male Terrible will be the fee they paid Robert Perovich to be the model in the ad 🙂 Am I being shallow?

  5. @ Sigert: how very dare you, you are “terrible” 🙂

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